Rosa-Violetta Grötsch, 1989

2017               Meisterschülerin of Prof. Johannes Spehr

                       Fine Arts (MFA+BFA) Academy of Art and Design, Kassel
                       Prof. Johannes Spehr (Painting)

                       Prof. Christian Philipp Müller (Performative Sculpture)
2015-2016      Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture and Installation,
                       Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2014               BA. Art Science, Academy of Art and Design, Kassel
                       Sociology, University of Kassel




2016                Exhibitionstipend Stellwerk, Kassel

2015                1. Young Sculptor Award 2016, Tallinn

2014                culture award of the city Kassel // TOKONOMA

2013                Hessian University Award for Excellence in Teaching for
                        the Students Initiative // TOKONOMA






2017               found and lost, Alte Brüderkirche, Kassel (solo)

                       Manchmal kommen sie wieder, Kunstverein Montez, Frankfurt
                       Atelierausstellung im Säulengang, KHS, Kassel

                       Havarie, Stellwerk, Kassel (solo)

2016               Weihnachtswarte, Warte für Kunst, Kassel

                       One Minute Job, Prosečo Génial, Kassel

                       Examen 2016, documenta-halle, Kassel

                       Eesti Fotokunstimess, gallerii gallerii, Tallinn

                       Zu Gast im Garten, Garten, Nordhorn

                       S.I.M.I.M.E, Asuurkeramika, Loewenschede Tower, Tallinn

                       Hanging Instructions, Fringe Art Festival, Bath, UK

                       Puhas Loodus, Metropol, Tallinn (solo)

                       Herbarium, Raja Gallery, Tallinn (solo)

                       False Evidence Appearing Real, EKKM, Tallinn

2015               Breakfast @ R-kiosk, Raja Gallery, Tallinn
                       Bis gleich, bis gleich, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz,L40, Berlin

2014               Weihnachtswarte, TOKONOMA, Kassel

                       Ja, ich will (2), Galerie der Akademie, auf AEG, Nürnberg

                       Ja, ich will, Interim, Kassel
2013               Stellwerk:Stellwerk, Stellwerk, Kulturbahnhof Kassel
                       Weihnachtswarte, TOKONOMA, Kassel

                       Interventionen, Regierungspräsidium Kassel

 2012              YES THIS YEAR IT'S DOCUMENTA, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin





I try to capture all possible strands, to hold and to tie them together. Object, time, duration, length of observation, direction, reader direction, subject, movement, etc. pp. And as far as I continue to observe, quote, and self-impose structures, I am stiffened to visualize everything in a single point-by-point form composed of puzzle pieces. Engaged in the search, stumbled over a Steiner, and in search of some realization arising out of doing, came the sparkling spark of a carbon fiber bulb. Namely, the fire was there before the match. Ridiculous categories, systems, and hierarchies smiled to my sarcasm, dripping lightness, and so I continued to press my jaw bones on each other and said to myself: Every detail has to be planned and spontaneity must be eradicated. The perfect impossibility of an agreement. In a conversation about the insights gained and the complete dissolution of the specific flap of parasitic lichen growth, a friend said to me: "Hair is meant to be loose at one end." * So the dream of the knot had finally burst. This wonderfully simple metaphor seemed to break all boundaries, my thoughts were allowed to cross the banks again. And I was no longer the sun, which must be incredibly relieving for everyone. So the time came when, at least for a moment, I've been trying to accept that not all strings can lead to a node. Whether or not the hair is falling out in the end is down anyway.


I stage lightweight, space-grabbing installations, as well as sculptural material combinations, which play with pedestal and presentation forms and are in weight, format and colour under tension or in tilt balance. I am forging new objects, which often refer to organic forms, matched found objects out of ongoing collections. Solid ceramics, molten glass, plaster and wood, are coming together with soft materials, paper, rubber, latex, textile and silicone. They often don't reveal their consistency. The arrangement of things in space takes place after a rhythm of references and repetitions of found shapes, in form of objects, drawings, photographs in order to link connections between different markers within and also by means of the architectural space. The temporary installations are constructed as experimental setups and open up through a process-based search. Flowing forms and compositions, which are not designed for stability, but rather for flexibility, remain open and expandable.


hair is meant to be loose at one end





pictures by Nicolas Wefers





miks mitte



Kunsthochschule Kassel

Puhas Loodus



Metropol Gallery



pictures by Kirill Tulin

high performance



Raja Big Studio