Puhas Loodus Gallery Metropol, Tallinn, 2016

pictures by Kirill Tulin

 The Soaper, ceramics, glass, foam, polystyrol, acrylic, paint, wood, rubber, 2016

puhas loodus, blue acrylic, glasstubes, water, woodstricks, fresh clay, grwoing plants

spring yellow rubber, glasstube

the one side of infinity, cardboard wave, ink drawing, glazed ceramic licking stick, sponge

the sticky orange liquid drips from the soap dispenser to the matte rim of the sink. Dries there and waits until it is scrubbed off the rough side of a sponge. So that would now go on and on with this endless desolation and artificial peach scent. But there's a jump over the fence until one falls over and tumble down the hill and lands in the water. Sometimes there is only water in the beginning, sometimes there is nothing.


boundlessness 4ever